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Meaty hints



Use fresh mince (no preservatives), rice flour and salt (shallots & garlic optional). For sausage mince use 1 kg very lean meat and 250 g of fat, ie. the equivalent proportions of a lamb chip with all the fat.

For 5 kg minced chicken thighs, lamb or fresh beef mince, use 1 box rice flour (375 g) and approx 3 tablespoons of salt and the white trimmed ends of a bunch of shallots.


As meat ages there is an increase in AMINE content. Cook and eat meat the day it is bought, or freeze for no longer than 4 weeks.

Cooking time and method both affect the natural chemical content of meat and hence its flavour. Avoid browning (particularly BBQ) and prolonged cooking.

Many butchers will make up special low chemical sausages on request, without preservatives or added herbs & spices.

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