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  RPAH Allergy Unit: +61 2 9515 3300

Camperdown NSW AUSTRALIA www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/rpa/allergy

Anaphylaxis resources

Anaphylaxis training classes at RPAH

For Parents, Teachers and Carers of Children at Risk of Anaphylaxis

  • How to recognise an anaphylactic reaction
  • First-aid management of anaphylaxis
  • How to administer the EpiPen
  • What to do after administering the EpiPen
When and how to book:
Please ring 9515 3300 or email appointments@allergy.net.au for information on dates or to book.
Meet at: RPAH Allergy Unit
9-11 Layton St
Camperdown NSW 2050
Course is held on Level 1
The following fees will be charged on booking and are non-refundable: 

$20 per person for RPAH Allergy Unit patients and their families.$33 (incl. GST) for childcare workers, teachers, nurses, etc
Alternatively, contact Department of Health on Ph 02 9391 9188 or Fax 02 9391 9300 for training courses for schools and child care centres.

It is best to come child-free or at least have a spare adult to mind child elsewhere.

There are usually 10 to 20 adults in each class group. The classes are conducted so participants can interact in an informal way but also structured so that participants can share their knowledge and concerns with the group.

The course includes a certificate of attendance for teachers and child care workers.